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6 Habits That Contribute To Happiness – Part 2

The last 3 habits on my video series to contribute to happiness are:

• Sleeping 8-9 hours a day.

• Being in touch with nature (specifically getting sun light).

• Belonging to a community.

I must confess these 3 are the ones I try to focus more on because they are a little extra challenging for me. Even though I don’t have kids I tend to put work and other activities before sleeping. Which means being aware of how I prioritize is important. And because I work from home and I appreciate being focused must of my day, is pretty natural for me to stay out of the VigRx Plus outside world for many hours during the weekdays. That means, also staying out of touch with people. However, I’ve implemented many practices to make sure this areas are balanced, and through trial and error I have come up with good reminders and triggers to make sure I’m implementing this habits in my life. I hope my insights on how I practice these happiness habits help you too.

Do you already implement these 3 habits regularly in your life? How many hours do you sleep a day? Do you feel isolated?. Remember that what we share can be medicine for someone else and for sure a step closer to a stronger vida!

About Dari

I provide value to the world through this blog. My work matters because by sharing my life journey (the good and the not so good) I alleviate the suffering caused by isolation in the world and inside myself. Which means it makes the world a better place. Which really means it helps you (and me) to remember that we belong, we are not alone and that YES indeed we ARE all ONE.

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