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Relationship 4: Relationship Mantras an 8 year old taught me

Relationship 4: Relationship Mantras an 8 year old taught me

Happy be better Thursday to you!

I’ve been spending an amazing spring break with my 8 year old nephew. Being close to Adrian is enlightening!

Almost as if he knew about my relationship video series, the cutest teacher I’ve ever had decided (Unconsciously of course) to teach me the main 3 mantras for relationships. Would you like to know them?… I thought so too!

1. Calm down, be patient.
Not only did I get to practice the basic patience skill  that it’s required when you are trying to guide a child, but most importantly he showed me how crucial it is to be patient with oneself.

2. I see you!
Basically we ALL want to experience LOVE. We express our inherent need to be loving when we co-create with the universe. And we also long to be loved,  that’s why behind all of our behavior underlies our need to be seen, to be heard and to be acknowledged.

3. Forgive and let go quick!
Adrian is the masters at forgiving ( I suspect all kids are) and every time he forgives and forgets he reminds me of my true nature… And when I say quick! I mean real quick!

If we were to only master these 3 principles we’ll be great at relationships!

I invite you to watch today’s video as I explain these mantras further more… And also watch until the end to see some footage of our week together. Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed my week

f you have a relationship subject you would like me to talk about in this series hit the reply button and let me know. I will make a video about it.

I love making this videos and talking about relationships
I hope my videos provoque a beneficial change in your relationships

You can watch all the videos I have made here on my channel

Do you have  story about practicing or learning about any of these 3 mantras?  Remember, what we share can be medicine for someone else and for sure a step closer to a stronger vida!

About Dari

I provide value to the world through this blog. My work matters because by sharing my life journey (the good and the not so good) I alleviate the suffering caused by isolation in the world and inside myself. Which means it makes the world a better place. Which really means it helps you (and me) to remember that we belong, we are not alone and that YES indeed we ARE all ONE.


  1. It’s amazing how we can learn from all experiences! And it’s super cool to see what you got out of the week with Adrian. I think all of us benefited in many ways!! Yes, it will be nice to make a tradition hermana!! Muah

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