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Vegetarian Arepas with Eggs and Plantains

Vegetarian Arepas with Eggs and Plantains

I am very excited to announce to you my Vegetarian Arepa creation. In honor of  “Dia Mundial de la Arepa” which means Arepa International Day. I put together this delicious combination to celebrate my venezuelan traditions together with many arepa fans in the whole world.

Arepa is the famous most typical dish from my country Venezuela. They look like a unique sandwich. They are made out of corn flour and is the staple of our cuisine.  Arepas are also very popular in Colombia, our neighbor country. Colombian Arepas are delicious too!

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At home we eat Arepas often, specially when the whole family gets together. I also like making Arepas for new friends that have never tried them before. Because I’m vegetarian I love that it’s ingredients are not derived from animals. I love making different healthy versions of them, yet I respect when family and friends like to add non-vegetarian ingredients to them as well.

Eating Arepas together is one of the the few traditions that is still very alive in our family. I love traditions!! and I like keeping them as much as they serve my intentions and align with my true self. Arepas are such a reminder of where I come from, and remembering where I come from is important for me. I hope you like the recipe and that you get to make them!

Vegetarian venezuelan arepa made by

I suggest you make a passion fruit or guava juice to pair up with these vegetarian Arepas.

What so you think? Would you make them? Please share with me if you do. And if you do toast and celebrate “El Dia Mundial de la Arepa”!!. Remember that what we share can be medicine for someone else and for sure a step closer to a stronger vida!


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  1. Love Spinach! I need to make this ASAP! Looks delish!

    • Yes Maybelline!!!! I love adding spinach. I want to try also adding spinach to the dough before cooking them. Have you tried that? some people add carrots and beets too!

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