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Monthly Goals | March

Monthly Goals | March

I am a very goal oriented person. I absolutely LOVE to plan. I’ve noticed through the years that I definitely strive better in an environment base on routine. I think is good that I’m a creative artist because my routines are never boring (to me anyways). Now you know why I set myself monthly goals.

I know this might sound weird but I love to know about other people’s goals and watch how they achieve them. However, must people don’t like sharing so many details about their goals, or even sharing their goals at all. Mainly because goals can be very personal, I understand that.

Also because what happens if you don’t really achieve them? you feel even more embarrassed than you were before sharing them. On the other hand I still think there should be people sharing their embarrassing personal goals to the world just so we can all relate! As well as some normal typical goals too.

I try to always keep in mind that embarrassment is a choice, you can also choose to feel empowered and keep trying, or find another way, or ask for help, or take a different approach, etc.

One of my inspirations for goal setting is Leo Babauta from zenhabits. I haven’t put in practice everything that entitles his philosophy yet. However all my monthly goals are based on yearly goals and subsequently on 5 year goals. I use part of the method from 18 min. by Peter Bregman mixed with my own methods. I will post soon about this whole system I do. Is pretty easy in case you would like to try it as a whole or in parts.

So (going back to embarrassments), I have decided I will be one of those people that shows my goals to the world or to whom ever stumbles upon this blog. Que loca!

Here are some reminders about why this is a good idea, in case I change my mind in the near future:

•Writing down goals is extremely empowering. It gives you a new level of commitment. I’ve been writing down my goals for years. Now, showing them to others adds another level of commitment. As you can imagine, I become more motivated to achieve the goal, since I wouldn’t want to disappoint myself, or let alone all my reader (I always imagine I have a lot of readers lol). It helps me keep myself accountable.

• When I read other people’s goals I get very excited and motivated. I’m hoping you feel the same when you read mine. There is also the possibility of you not liking it or feeling completely unrelated to my life. That’s ok too. That might just mean we are not ready to be in a “writer and reader” relationship. Who knows maybe later or in another life 😉

• Another great benefit is that you’ll be able to see more details: The wants, the struggles and the challenges of my life. Esta parte me encanta! mainly because I am a human being who goes through life just like everybody else. And I think is healthy to show our lives as close to reality as possible, especially online.

Before you read my goals keep in mind that for my business goals we do have a separate planning map that includes more than the ones you see below. In this list I’m stating the main goals I want to tackle in different areas of my life from a personal stand point in a month.

Also, I have declared this year to be:  A Year of Helping Others and Providing Value to the world so you will see which ones falls into that category. Although, la verdad, is that all goals that guide me to a better person help others and provides value

My Goals for March 2014

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House improvement: One  of the following: Living room lighting and/or new chairs

Fitness: Follow trainer’s plan the whole month. (Details to come)

A Year of Helping Others and Providing Value to the world:

Community Building: Continue Meditation Group and Art Circle once a month.  (Details to come)

Giving: Make a plan for my first giving back projects

A Year of Helping Others and Providing Value to the world:

Dari Design Studio: Design  a minimum of 2 new collections. Launch Design School Shop. Update website work area and licensing area on the website

Strong Vida: Write a minimum of two blog post a week


Start applying to get extra income as a writer/guest blogger in Spanish and/or English

I talk more about my extra income plan here


What so you think? Do you like this idea of sharing? Are you a goal oriented person? Let me know what you think about my goals, I would love to hear about yours too. Remember that what we share can be medicine for someone else and for sure a step closer to a stronger vida!


About Dari

I provide value to the world through this blog. My work matters because by sharing my life journey (the good and the not so good) I alleviate the suffering caused by isolation in the world and inside myself. Which means it makes the world a better place. Which really means it helps you (and me) to remember that we belong, we are not alone and that YES indeed we ARE all ONE.

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