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Are you worried about something?

Are you worried about something?

I have a confession to make, I’ve been stressing over the outcome of a sensitive situation going on in my life.

The stress has gotten more severe as an opportunity for it’s resolution is approaching next week!

Can you relate?

Have you ever worried about something so much that you are unable to see  a positive outcome?
And even if you see it you rather not trust it much to protect or defend yourself from the worse case scenario?

Do you have an issue in your mind that you rather not talk about, not think about or not look at it because you are afraid of the worse case scenario?

Do you have a problem that is so small you don’t think is worth worrying about, yet you keep worrying about it regardless? (Is always playing in the background of your life)

If you have a problem and you are worrying about something this video was made for you (and for me)

I came to remind you to look at the positive side and surrender. Hope it helps!

By the way, did you do any of the 4 acts of kindness from last week?

I did!! If you are interested at knowing how did it go for me shoot me an email and I will tell you!

What about you? If you care to share I’ll be happy to listen. Did this video hit the spot? was this what you needed to listen? or maybe you have other ways we can all learn and practice when we are worried?. 

What we share can be medicine for someone else and for sure a step closer to a stronger vida!

About Dari

I provide value to the world through this blog. My work matters because by sharing my life journey (the good and the not so good) I alleviate the suffering caused by isolation in the world and inside myself. Which means it makes the world a better place. Which really means it helps you (and me) to remember that we belong, we are not alone and that YES indeed we ARE all ONE.

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