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How to use “Inspirational Quotes” as part of your spiritual practice

How to use “Inspirational Quotes” as part of your spiritual practice

Happy Thursday everyone –

Who hasn’t seen an “Inspirational Quotes” on social media within the last 2 days? Raise your hands!!

You know, those that appear on our feeds all the time. Usually a cool photo as a background with a quote typed on top of the image.

They are very trendy worldwide. Inspirational quotes are printed in all sort of products and appear as much as possible everywhere you go in cyber space.

We like them (not all of them of course, and not everyone likes them, I’m aware) because they give us the motivation and inspiration we are longing for even if it’s just momentarily. They encourage us, and whisper the words that sometimes we need to hear. And most importantly, we like them because they remind us of truth we already knew but have forgotten.

But what if every time we saw a heart stopper quote (you know those that seem to be talking directly to us) we had a method that could help us implement it’s message into our own personal spiritual practice and self improvement practice.

I practice a simple and easy method (that requires consistency as all new habits do) I want to share with you today that can make your social media experience a self-improvement experience (if you let it!)

Here is how it works

See what I’m saying…

What if we believed that the inspirational quotes we have affinity with were sent directly to us for us to apply it’s message in situations in our life that need healing?

And what if we took that sign seriously instead of keep scrolling into the next social media post?

So, if you choose to take it seriously here is what to do:

Step 1

Identify how you relate to the quote by asking key questions. Once you have identify the situation or the relationship in your life that the quote is speaking about, continue with step 2

Step 2

Give  specific examples of those situations/relationships. Include people, conversations, visualize spaces where this happened or might happen. Write it down (recommended) or just keep it in your mind.

Step 3

Be the observer, enjoy the awareness and mindfulness of this exercise, we willing and alert for more clues and signs around this situation, let the message guide you to take action or not.

Above all stay open

I feel must alive when I’m having this type of conversations and if you are open, I’m here to have them with you.

If you decide to try out this practice let me know how it goes. Or even if you see an Inspirational Quote on your fee and you remember this post, let me know. I’m also available to be your accountability partner if you need one for your new habit!. Remember that what we share can be medicine for someone else and for sure a step closer to a stronger vida!



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I provide value to the world through this blog. My work matters because by sharing my life journey (the good and the not so good) I alleviate the suffering caused by isolation in the world and inside myself. Which means it makes the world a better place. Which really means it helps you (and me) to remember that we belong, we are not alone and that YES indeed we ARE all ONE.

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