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The Best Gift we can Give Others is to Improve Ourselves

The Best Gift we can Give Others is to Improve Ourselves

Since Black Friday I’ve been going through my Holiday Gift list. I’m happy to report I’m almost done!

What about you? –have you started with you gift giving? Do you give gifts at all?

I like staying somewhat away of the shopping madness by adding to my list the best gift of all times, the one most of us never think of giving. You know – the one where we look inward and find places in our character than can be improved for ourselves and as a gift for others.

Have you ever heard the famous Gandhi quote “Be the change you want to see in the world”? 

I’m sure you have. This video is about being that change as a Holiday gift for a loved one.

It’s simple: I broke it down for you in 3 easy steps.

Wouldn’t it be out of this world if your significant other was planing on taking 3 Action Steps to give you more time and patience this year and that was his/her holiday gift for you?

I will take that over a pair of shoes any time! Wouldn’t you?

Here is the video explaining how I do it. Modify the practice as you wish, this is just what has worked for me. If anything I hope it will inspire you!

Step one: THE GIFT
Pick the Quality to improve.

There are two ways to do this:
Way 1: Think about a relationship in your life that isn’t working. It could be a friendship, a co-worker, sibling, and intimate relationship, and so on. Once you find it (the first one that shows up in your head is usually the best one) think about what you would love for this person to do. What is it that they are not doing that is making you uncomfortable (resistant, sad, annoyed, etc)? The answer to that question is your quality (your gift to develop) Example: The person is not giving me time and attention

Way 2: Think about how you would like to improve yourself next year. What quality are you lacking of? self-trust? organization? flexibility?listening?. Once the quality hits home you have got it!

Apply Mirror technique.

When you ask the question (continuing on the first example) What relationship in my life am I not nurturing with attention and time? this answer could come right away, yet sometimes is very hidden but it will show up as the days go along. Once you see who is your receiver it will make a lot of sense and it will also feel a stretch out of your comfort zone to intentionally give this quality to him/her.

Step Three: GIVING
Write down 3 quality giving actions.

Consider that these actions will be only known by you, there is no need to communicate them to your receiver. If he/she notices any difference in you take it as an added grace and complement. It will be a confirmation from the universe that you are “Being the change you want to see in the world” viagra eu rezeptfrei.

Get a notepad or better yet add a section on your holiday gift list and start by writing:

Dear (receiver’s name here) my gift to you will be to:
•Invite you for an afternoon of hanging out and spending time together.
•Give you a phone call where I ask you about your life and really listen without multitasking or driving.
•Mail you a handmade gift I made specially for you.

These are only ideas of how they come up for me (supposing the quality is attention and time, from the first example). Your actions will come to you and they might sound completely different. If only one action comes to mind write it down and wait for other ideas to come later.

And of course the last and most important part Make your gifts happen!!! don’t wait until next year, do them as soon as possible!

Ok now that you are definitely convinced that improving yourself is the greatest gift ever. Don’t you agree that practicing a quality that we feel is lacking in our lives shows how we always had it in the first place?

I think is just a matter of nurturing the seed that is already in us for it to blossom. Also by intentionally giving it to others instead of expecting it from others we are purposely manifesting a higher version of ourselves.

These conversations make me so excited!!

What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback. Remember that what we share can be medicine for someone else and for sure a step closer to a stronger vida!

Here is the whole “Stay Mindful Holiday Video-Series” playlist in case you have missed any videos

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