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Would “giving” more than “receiving” make you a nicer person?

Would “giving” more than “receiving” make you a nicer person?

What do you think?

I believe that conscious “giving and receiving” can help us become a more balanced and a more elevated person. Yet the moment that we do one more than the other we are out of balance.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to go along with society and believe that we are nicer people when we give than when we receive.

 “Receiving is the natural result of giving”

 Can you be a giver if no one receives your gifts? and Can you receive something if no one is giving?

This encompasses a beautiful Universal law called “Law of Receptivity”

In my video today I give you three visual examples that remind us how “receiving” is as important as “giving” and that doing one more than the other can even kill us.

What I wanted to find out was: How good am I at giving and receiving in my life?

I invite you to answer these two questions with me

When am I not being a good giver?

• When I block myself from being overly generous (especially with money but also with time and affection) because I think people are going to expect that quality and amount all the time from me, and then they will become needy.

• When I believe giving too much will look like I’m interested in something else.

• When I become very particular at selecting who I give to. If it’s someone I like it’s easy, but when is a person I don’t like much I become stingy even though I know he (she) is the one that needs my generosity the most. This applies particularly when is about giving a smile, a hug, time, knowledge, affection, etc viagra in hamburg kaufen.

 When am I not being a good receiver?

• When I’m only opened to receive from someone that I considered I have given (or plan to give) something of same value in exchange.

• When I say “undeserving phrases” after someone complements me or wants to give me a gift. I feel like “thank you” is not enough.

• When there is an intangible gift that appears weird, unknown or hard to understand.

• When I’m afraid

Aside from all these things above (and much more that I didn’t put in the list). I consider myself a good practitioner of the law of receptivity. I feel pretty aware and conscious of the times when I do a good job at practicing this law. I like celebrating those times by keeping a list of “Divine right actions taken” and treating myself with a nice gift. The idea here is to bring awareness to the places and believes in our lives that are no longer serving us, without loosing sight of what is working and evolving within us. So keep track of the good always.

By making these lists I feel more clear to initiate change and practice this law at a higher level!

What about you? If you want to share your list with me, I’ll be happy to listen. Did knowing or remembering about this law helped you in any way? I would love to hear your feedback. What we share can be medicine for someone else and for sure a step closer to a stronger vida!


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