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How to stay healthy during the Holidays

How to stay healthy during the Holidays

In 2013, my biggest set backs were caused by indulging for too long in festivities, celebrations, traveling, holidays, etc.

After my birthday it took me a whole 2 months to come back to the momentum I had with my habits.

It went like this: A special day or week comes along (my birthday) I decide is time to stop all of my habits such as no-sugar during the week, exercising everyday, meditating everyday, going to bed early, reading and so on. You would think -well there is nothing wrong with that, we all need to take a break. That’s what I use to think too. Except! -I noticed a problem.

Once I was in “break mode” all I could see was more “break mode” opportunities.

So.. After my birthday week I needed to get ready for my business trip to NY, I had so much to do it was impossible to go back to eating healthy and all that, so I gave myself another break. Then I was in NY, another really good reason to indulge, I was able to eat food from my country and exercising or meditation was impossible (or so I thought) Yes! I took another break. Then when I came back to LA I got my period, oh another reason to not go to the gym. You get the idea right!? I’m sure this sounds very familiar to you.

So I decided to experiment with a couple of strategies and those are the ones I want to share in my video today.

1. I decided when I’m in  “break mode” it can never take me away from my healthy habits for more than a WEEK

2. Before and after “break mode”  is the time when I’m the most disciplined. Planning my food, making sure I go to the gym, meditating, etc

3. I let my accountability partners know that this is the time to help me with EXTRA accountability.

Here are the hands-on tips I talk about in the video:

On Eating:

If  traveling: Research about places around your area where you can buy groceries or restaurants that will offer healthy options.

If  having guests: Have snacks and meals ready so that you are able to eat healthy regardless of the group activities.

Prepare snacks: bags of nuts, fruits, veggies. Have them ready to go.

Have a indulging quota per day: In my case, if I’m indulging for a week I will allow myself to eat only 2 treats a day. So if I had dessert at lunch and a chocolate at 4pm that’s it for me that day.

Beverages: Everything I order at Starbucks counts as a treat. To avoid Starbucks I make my beverages at home (if I’m hosting only). For coffee drinkers have a day limit too.

On Fitness:

If  traveling: Research places where you can exercise. Try to stay active as much as possible. My quota will be minimum every other day. If I’m walking a lot everyday I count that as my fitness activity for the day.

If  having guests: If weather permits, plan to exercise earlier in the morning before everyone is up. Make exercising an activity idea for the group such as hiking or taking a gym class. Otherwise I exercise at home at least 20 min.

On staying balanced:

If  traveling: I love meditating in a sauna, sometimes that is possible in my gym or in a fitness spa at a hotel. Yet 5 min. before I take a shower in the bathroom will do it.

If  having guests: If I’m at home is easier. I take time inside my room before heading out to the bathroom, or again inside the bathroom, before getting ready.

When discomfort appears from relating to others around me I ask myself 2 questions that always help:

What would love do now?

How can I give in this situation instead of expect from the situation?

The answers to those two questions usually drop instantly in my awareness, I’m not always able to act upon them but just the inquiry brings me to a more mindful space away from my initial judgment

 Important: This is a great time to start habits and maybe try out one or more of the tips above, specially if you categorize yourself as someone that never ate healthy, exercised or meditated.

What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback. What we share can be medicine for someone else and for sure a step closer to a stronger vida!

For a recap you can play the whole “Stay Mindful Holiday Video-Series”

Before you click away from this post I wanted to tell you that this is my last Be Better Thursday video for 2014 (I’m taking 2 week vacation). I’m looking forward to becoming better at making these videos for us in 2015. There are many videos and projects to come! I want to say Thank You!! for watching, supporting and for wanting to be better everyday along with me. I’ll be right back in your inbox the first week of January! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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